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Fred Gives AdviceFred Goes CampingFred Goes Fundraising
Fred Goes Grocery ShoppingFred Goes On A Date With JudyFred Goes Reporting
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Fred Goes To The DentistFred Goes To The DoctorFred Goes To The Park
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File:Fred Gets a Monkey - It's Fred!File:Fred Gets a Talk Show - Figgle Chat Series TrailerFile:Fred Goes on a Field Trip - It's Fred!
File:Fred Goes to a Funeral - It's Fred!File:Fred Interviews Hunter Hunterson - Figgle ChatFile:Fred Interviews Obama - Figgle Chat
File:Fred Interviews Perez Hilton - Figgle ChatFile:Fred Interviews Sneezle The Cat & Power - Figgle ChatFile:Fred Interviews Wilmer Vanderrama - Figgle Chat
File:Fred Interviews iJustine - Figgle ChatFile:Fred Investigates Rumors at SchoolFile:Fred Makes a Campfire - It's Fred!
File:Fred Makes a Diorama - It's Fred!File:Fred On HalloweenFile:Fred Uses a Spork - It's Fred!
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